Legacy EHR Data Conversion

Our consultants focus on connecting your organization’s disparate applications. The solutions provided by our experts enable your data to flow freely between all the systems you use, both inside and outside of your organization. Allegiance Healthcare Solutions (AHS) consultants have been proven to successfully aid in all integration initiatives regardless of vendor or the age of your systems.

Our EHR Data Conversions and Extractions Services Include:

We fully understand that data conversions present a challenging task for organizations of all sizes. As Hospitals implement new solutions to support the clinical and business aspects of their organization, they will need to migrate information from the “legacy” system to the replacement system.
AHS has proven results in the conversion process by extracting, normalizing, importing, and assisting with data validation. Make data conversions more efficient and cost effective with solutions ranging from pre-conversion assessments to fully managed conversions. Our conversion services help you keep pace with the rapidly changing EHR and Practice Management landscape. Making the switch to a new system doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our analysts can extract and map data from your legacy system, keeping workflows and functionality intact to the new EHR.

Sample of Vendors

  • Allscripts
  • Athenahealth
  • Cerner
  • Epic
  • Meditech
If your organization plans to replace its current EHR’s from Meditech, Cerner, Athenahealth or Allscripts with an integrated electronic health record to Epic Systems, AHS has the proven track record for assisting your organization at all levels of disciplines.

Epic Data Migration

We are very experienced tackling full EHR and EMR data migrations with verifiable results and total satisfaction. We realistically understand that available EHR data migration & EHR data archival options and processes are vital to EHR replacement. We also understand that by bypassing any critical process steps can potentially leave providers and staff inaccurate, unusable or missing data at go-live, compromising patient care. By using our services, we will evaluate scoping considerations, including options for import of discrete and non-discrete migrated data the new EHR systems provides, expertise of internal or external resources to migrate the data, and data retention requirements.

Our consulting teams have completed many projects with several large organizations in most states across the healthcare industry. Since we offer a broad consultant base, we offer both deep technical expertise and strong functional knowledge of specific software vendors, allowing us to help both large healthcare chains and mid-market clients.

Need help with product design or development?

If you have an EHR Data Conversion service need on your radar, let us share with you how our breadth of EHR Data Conversions and Extractions consulting experience will help your project come in on-budget and within the defined scope. We take on the challenges and minimize exposure for healthcare organizations nationwide.
The Allegiance Healthcare Solutions (AHS) can help you convert your data to your new Epic system whether you are planning an Epic EHR implementation or have been using Epic Systems for some time, you’ll find our software solutions and services ready to help:

  • Experience – We will comprise our team with dedicated resources who have a wealth of knowledge on your organization’s legacy data platforms.
  • Gain access to all data you need to deliver optimal patient care on day one of Go Live.
  • Quality – Backed by best practice methodology, the AHS team delivers an unsurpassed level of service.
  • Assure your EHR implementation schedule is on time and under budget.
  • Drive performance and adoption of the new system by making all data available and actionable.
  • Expertise – Through experience, AHS is able to anticipate and mitigate risk to project timelines before they become obstacles.

Having integrated with Meditech, Epic, and Cerner, among many other systems, Allegiance Healthcare Solutions use of either Cloverleaf, Rhapsody, OpenLink, OpenEngine or Corepoint integration engine that are vendor agnostic and allows for a seamless migration from one EHR system to another.

One of the advantages of having an integration engine during a migration is the ability to copy over existing maps, interface workflows and deployments, SQL commands, and any other current designs that need or want to be kept intact within the new EHR system. 

With the ever-changing differences in EHR systems, the ability to maintain the integrity of current processes is a great option to have. Our EHR Data Conversions and Extractions experts are eager to learn more about your project and deliver an experience your customers and stakeholders love.
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