Job Opportunity versus Career Path

job is a position in a company that you hold to earn money. It is work you perform to support your basic needs, and it can be a full-time or part-time job and maybe short-term. You might earn an hourly wage or a set paycheck rather than a salary with benefits. You might need to learn certain skills connected with that role, but not all jobs require a specialized degree or advanced training. Companies expect their employees to perform their individual jobs in exchange for regular payment and to be responsible for the duties laid out for them .

On the other hand, a career is a long-term professional journey you may determine based on your passions. It is the path you embark upon to fulfill your professional goals and ambitions. You may require a certain level of education or training to achieve these goals. Individuals pursuing careers often have set salaries with benefits such as stock options, retirement plans, pensions, and bonuses. They also gain benefits beyond money, such as personal pride, work satisfaction and self-worth. A career might last for your entire life. You could hold numerous jobs under many employers in your chosen industry that you progress through during your career.   

In summary, while jobs and careers both enable us to earn enough money to support ourselves and our families, they do not mean the same thing. It is important to know whether you’re looking for a job or for a career to plan your professional goals .

Allegiance Healthcare Solutions aims to help our consultants in attaining a Career Path that can help you find the right career by providing information about the opportunities that are available to you based on your needs and interests. We are committed to doing the right thing for our customers, employees, and communities. Our mission is to help clients in every step of their healthcare Information Technology journey.

Allegiance Healthcare Solutions is a software integration services and consulting company that provides software integration services for healthcare providers ranging from hospitals, health systems, pharmacies, physician group practices to outpatient facilities.

Allegiance Healthcare Solutions consultants work with interface and integration teams or subject matter experts to deliver the best viable solutions utilizing the healthcare organization’s interface engines like Rhapsody, Corepoint, and Cloverleaf. Overall, software integration engines are powerful tools that enable healthcare data to flow seamlessly between different applications and systems utilizing HL7, FHIR, and API12.  Our consultants assist in creating streamlined workflows and create intricate integrations which are flexible and scalable integration solutions. Allegiance Healthcare Solutions consultants have deployed different integration engines on AWS, which provides a cloud-based solution for healthcare organizations.

If you want to be part of a fast growing interesting and fun place to work, apply to one of the open positions below:


The Senior Principal Front-End Interface Developer is responsible for requirements analysis, testing, implementation, documentation, maintenance, and overall support for health information interfaces for this several large healthcare Clinical systems. The Principle Interface Developer works closely with ancillary product owners, vendors, and technical staff to design, build, test, install, and monitor Cloverleaf and Rhapsody interfaces between Epic and internally & externally interfaced systems.

This position exists primarily to develop, implement, and support interfaces between major health system, other healthcare facilities or third party systems. Secondarily, to implement and support the legacy EHR archive system.

This position performs data mapping and data translations; ensures system integrity, compatibility, and standardization; oversees the successful implementation of an entire project life cycle, including discovery, development, implementation, and validation




    • Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 5 years of related experience


    • Bachelor’s degree


Required: Must have both Cloverleaf Level 3 Certification and Rhapsody Expert Certification



    • A minimum of 5 years software and interface development, implementation, and support in the healthcare industry
    • Knowledge of MS SQL Server
    • Solid working experience with HL7
    • Deep Knowledge and experience with Cloverleaf Integration Suite and Rhapsody Interoperability Engine.
    • Experience working with different data formats (e.g., HL7, XML, CSV, etc.)
    • Demonstrated ability to translate business requirements into technical designs.
    • Experience with full development lifecycle, requirements through post implementation support required.


    • Knowledge of SQL Query writing,, MSAccess, TCL, Python and Javascript
    • Knowledge of healthcare data & workflow



    • Strong understanding of project life cycles, and software development environments
    • Interface standards specifically HL7, CCD and or CCR
    • Interfacing with various applications, management information systems, data structures, systems analysis and design, and programming languages
    • Develops data translation routines and methods utilizing both Cloverleaf and Rhapsody Interface Engines toolset and standard querying and database tools
    • Testing and quality assurance


    • Excellent communication (written and oral)
    • Excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills
    • Strong detail orientation and analytical abilities
    • Teamwork
    • Excellent listening skills
    • Customer service skills
    • Project management, issue resolution, and task prioritization? Program debugging
    • Training


    • Ability to take ownership of extensive complex tasks
    • Work with, develop, and maintain relationships with staff, clinicians, management, and vendors
    • Learn quickly
    • Maintain flexibility to adapt to a variety of workload assignments
    • Refer to policy manual for specific instructions/guidelines
    • Follow established policies and procedures
    • Adhere to the standards of the job description and overall philosophy of the main healthcare system


    • Work independently with a minimum of supervision


    • 75% Time Spent – Design, develop, implement, and support interfaces and archived legacy systems
    • 25% Travel requirement – Work with internal staff and third party vendors to test, certify interfaces or archived systems lead interface or archive related project team of staff, consultants, and third party vendors.

Schedule: Full Time + (Alternating OnCall nights, evenings, weekends or holidays), Day Shift, Mon – Friday 8-5 with one hour for lunch

Interested and available candidates should submit their resume to for further consideration. No phone calls please!