Who We Are


Allegiance Healthcare Solutions LLC is a professional software service and consulting company founded in 2007 by our founder Will Petrone. The company brings together a group of unique business partners who have forward-thinking technology perspectives for organizations in multiple industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution. Will has a very technical background. Will worked at the IBM labs in Rochester MN working on the Silverlake project. He returned to Boston as an AS/400 Consultant and developed a customer base of Fortune 500 companies to his achievements.

Allegiance Healthcare Solutions has become known as a reputable healthcare IT consulting company focused on developing and supporting robust technical solutions to address pressing healthcare integration technology needs. Our company specializes in healthcare, and manufacturing interoperability software and services, empowering healthcare providers to deliver innovative IT solutions.

Our offerings include:

  1. Healthcare Interoperability Software & Services: Allegiance Healthcare Solutions empowers healthcare providers to meet their interoperability and operational challenges in a high-quality, high-performing way. We offer solutions that transform the way healthcare and manufacturing operate, ensuring seamless data exchange and efficient workflows.
  2. Augmented Staffing Solutions: As technology demands continue to accelerate, and Allegiance Healthcare Solutions provides augmented staffing services to bridge resource gaps. Our experts extend teams’ capabilities, helping organizations achieve their goals in the ever-evolving healthcare and manufacturing landscape.
  3. Interoperability and Integration Services: Allegiance Healthcare Solutions delivers integration solutions that address critical interoperability initiatives. Whether it’s integrating multiple applications or advancing national data exchange networks, they provide robust technical solutions.
  4. Interface Engine Migration/Replacement: We assist in switching over interfaces in stages or migrating them from old integration engines to new ones. This ensures smooth transitions and efficient data exchange.
  5. Cloverleaf Training: Allegiance Healthcare Solutions offers quality onsite and remote software training for healthcare professionals. The choice between onsite and remote training depends on factors like cost, participant locations, and customization.
  6. Rhapsody Intelligent Enterprise Integration: Our resources support critical interoperability initiatives, including FHIR, cloud transformation, and national data exchange networks. Rhapsody Integration software plays a key role in achieving seamless data exchange.
  7. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Allegiance Healthcare Solutions leverages RPA technology to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate human actions, enhancing efficiency in healthcare processes.
  8. Legacy EHR System Data Conversion and Migration: Our experts at Allegiance Healthcare Solutions extract data from legacy systems, transform it, and load it into new EHR system databases, saving time and costs Legacy EHR System Data Conversion and Migration.

In summary, we are committed to advancing healthcare technology, improving interoperability, and supporting healthcare providers in delivering exceptional patient care. We have consulted with several organizations, including:

Anwelt Shoe CompanyMunson Medical
AscensionNational Gypsum Corporation (Decorative Coverings Division
Barnies Coffee And Tea CompanyNorton Company
Baxter HealthcareNypro
Century Analysis IncRoyal Carribbean Cruise Lines
Christus Health SystemsSci Healthcare
Colombo Inc.See Beyond
Gale Group, IncSmith Valve Corporation
Groundwater Technology IncSoftware Corporation International
Hawaii Healthcare CorporationSybase
Howard JohnsonsThe Ground Round
Ibm CorporationThe Imperial Group
International Paper CompanyUmass Medical School
Kendall CompanyWashington Hospital Healthcare
Marshfield ClinicWhittman Hart
MDI SolutionsWinthrop Financial
Mitem CorporationYampa Valley Medical Center