Rhapsody Integration Engine Training

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Training Classes with Certification – offered as online learning or onsite instructor-led trainingTraditional instructor-led training with the teacher demonstrating critical concepts and processes prior to encouraging all learners to try it for themselves. The use of presentation software is augmented with take-home information sheets, a copy of the presentation materials and exercises, and access to the documentation portal (the DOKI) – a repository of manuals, guides, and other product documentation.


The Rhapsody Academy is an online source of self-paced training modules designed to help learners quickly achieve the proficiency they need to gain the best from our products. Course content is a mixture of text, images and video presentations followed by short exercises to illustrate and reinforce what has been learnt.

Online courses are assessed in two ways:

    • Quizzes made up of short answer questions that return immediate feedback to the learner on submission.
    • File submission where course work is uploaded as a file to the Academy. Uploaded files are reviewed and graded by an experienced Rhapsody trainer who will either grade the course work as having reached the required standard or request a re-submission and provide detailed assistance as to how the submitted solution can be improved. This personal touch has proved to be an effective means for helping learners achieve the desired course outcomes within the smallest amount of time.


    Virtual instructor-led training combines the benefits of instructor-led or classroom-based training with the convenience of a virtual learning environment. Like classroom training, a group of people learn at the same time, so it can be interactive and participative. The key difference is that participants and trainer are not in the same physical location.


    A combination of instructor-led and online training gives learners the best of both worlds. A typical combination course sees the initial learning occurring in a classroom situation with the instructor providing content, exercises, and assistance as required. This is followed by attendees completing the online assessment tasks for the course certification.


    The Rhapsody team of education experts can develop and deliver custom courses to meet specific training needs.


    The Education Team delivers:

    • Experience: They have an extensive knowledge in the set-up and use of our products in real-world environments. They know all the options and best use practices that can help your staff to rapidly become both confident and skilled in the use of the Rhapsody product.
    • Flexibility: They can train your staff onsite, at Rhapsody offices, using individual or group webinars or via self-paced online learning. The content and delivery can be adjusted to different class sizes and levels of experience of the attendees. The topics covered in instructor led courses can also be tailored to the specific modules implemented in your solution.
    • Tailored Resources: They provide extensive references, training collateral and practical exercises to help all learners gain the knowledge they need from their courses. Many of these will be customized to your site, with presentations and information sheets including your logos and terminology combined with exercises based on the typical day-to-day tasks performed by the attendees.


    A certification program ensures that a minimum level of proficiency has been achieved before a certification is granted. As a result, certifications become a qualification recognized by employers and a goal for professionals to achieve to demonstrate their skill level.

    Successful candidates completing a certification program receive a certificate to recognize their completion to the required level.

    The certification program for the Rhapsody Integration Engine recognizes two levels of proficiency plus additional expert level courses:

      • Rhapsody Associate Certification – covers the foundation and underlying concepts required for an introductory understanding of the Rhapsody Integration Engine
      • Rhapsody Professional Certification – provides the competency required by administrators tasked with creating Rhapsody routes and interfaces from scratch
      • Rhapsody Expert Courses – provides additional expert level courses for consultants and administrators working on complex sites that may include multiple Rhapsody engines, high message throughput and complex message requirements.

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