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Standard Support (5 x 8) and Global Support (24/7)

Allegiance Healthcare provides expert Standard Support (5 x 8) and Global Support (24/7) for Cloverleaf, Lyniate Rhapsody, Mirth and Epic Bridges helping your organization provide more efficient support services.

Allegiance Healthcare Systems (AHS) Software Services Support is conducted by our 100% USA personnel. Support services are performed over the telephone as well as with remote support software. Our global presence gives us the ability to offer our customers Monday through Friday 5 x 8 or annual 7 x 24 support. This 5 x 8 standard support can be extended to include weekends by requesting off hour support 2 weeks prior to the required coverage period.

AHS’s Software Services Support is the primary mechanism for problem identification, tracking and resolution. The purpose of our support personnel is to initiate problem identification, work towards resolving the problem as soon as possible, and if needed, escalate the problem to the proper software engineering team. Problem status is tracked by the Customer Support system until a resolution or “work around” is found. The customers that are enrolled in AHS’s Software Services Support program can login into the customer portal and track their problems on-line.

Support services include problem diagnosis, resolution, tracking, and on-line assistance. It also includes the periodic documentation, software updates and enhancements (if integration vendor maintenance is current) and error corrections. Problem resolution and escalation depends on the priority level of the problem, which is assigned after the problem has been identified.

Individual support agreements are based on the number of transactions and integration environments as well as the complexity of these transactions. Transactions evaluation is service that AHS as part of a billable pre-study process and there may also be recommendations on how to make the integrations more stable based on the findings. Below are some examples of support agreements that AHS can accommodate.

Standard Support (5 x 8)

The Standard Support package covers an SLA (Support Level Agreement) with agreed upon response times for urgent issues. Typically, a weekly fee based on the number of partners, transactions and required response times is established and any support hours are deducted from this fee until used up. The support hours are normal business hours in your time-zone (Mon-Fri 9am to 5 pm).

Global Support (24/7)

As the name suggests, the Global Support package is a 24/7 support service, which means that support consultants in other time zones can attend to issues that occur during nighttime in your time zone. In all other regards the service is the same as the Standard Support package and the response times are agreed upon in an SLA.

Straight Away Remote Interface Support is also available for Rhapsody, Cloverleaf, Mirth, OpenEngine or Corepoint Please call (850) 920-2728

Extended Support (Managed Services)

Our Integration Consultants all have long experience in handling both the technical and commercial side of HL7 and EDI and business integration. This means that we can offer complete managed services, where we take ownership of you HL7 and EDI and integration platform and manage these services from start to finish. The Managed Service is a monthly subscription based on number of partners and transactions. There is no initial cost, but a minimum of 3-month contract, due to the investment in time to understand your specific environment.

Stand-In Support

At Allegiance Healthcare Solutions, we are often asked to stand-in and monitor integration software when the resource person onsite is away on vacation or sick leave. This is including investigation and resolution of any urgent issues and agreed response times as per an SLA. A weekly fee is charged to have resources available on call and any support work is initially deducted from this fee until used up.

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