Strategic Partners


 We are proud to have & IBM as strategic partners

Over the past several years, the Allegiance Healthcare Solutions professional services team has worked with many integration technologies to help healthcare providers develop and implement their integration and interoperability solutions.  This diverse experience further qualifies our team to comfortably state that suite of products are among the leading and most comprehensive integration and interoperability software technologies on the market today.  For this reason, we focus on delivering integration professional services to help healthcare providers to implement their solutions.

Allegiance Healthcare Solutions is also an IBM Business Partner as this is nothing new for our management as they have formed the very successful partnership with IBM that previously sold pSeries and iSeries hardware and software solutions to Hawaii Healthcare Systems Corporation and provided their integration engine installations, interface development, implementation, training and support.

The foundation for many health systems, Rhapsody integrates data from devices, systems, facilities and organizations. Rhapsody is a proven, high-performing interoperability platform built for healthcare with HL7® FHIR® capabilities for robust and reliable acquisition and exchange of health data. Rhapsodys intelligent monitoring and maintenance capability is built-in for simple and proactive maintenance of its integration engine.

With our partnership with Rhapsody, Allegiance Healthcare Solutions can help customers to better implement, optimize, and maintain their EHR product. Our partnership with, it strengthens Rhapsodys’ delivery model through specialized industry expertise into actionable insights and delivering results.